ooNOVEMBER - Remembrance


This was the only banner to be designed by one hand - Malcolm Lochhead's. It is the only abstract banner and is about the passage of time and the regret for things which have been lost by and in the city. At the top we see another sailing ship, this time the Glennifer which was owned by the Coats brothers founders of the international famous Coats thread company. The sky is lit by fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

Below we see a group of arc shapes to suggest each of the centuries from 1174 when Glasgow was incorporated as a city. The large white arc represents the twentieth century and is divided into decades. The two black areas represent the first and second world wars. The white triangular shape is the "Mists of Time" and it is filled with illustrations of things lost from the city and fondly remembered such as Tramcars, Italian Cafes, Dancehalls etc. It is both poignant and regretful and celebrating the popular history of the city.