ooOCTOBER - The Big City


Living in a city described by Nicholas Pevsner as "The Jewel in the Crown of Victorian Architecture in Europe" can also have its darker side. This banner illustrates the darker autumnal side of the city. At the top a stylised skyline is thrown into stark relief by the setting sun. At the foot is a map of Glasgow with the various towns making up its conurbation. Embroidered in blue is Ibrox and in Green Parkhead.

Below is a striking image of a couple in a deep embrace, caught in the headlights of a passing car. In typical Glasgow style he holds a fish supper in one hand and she holds a cigarette in hers. ( This is one of three sets of fish and chips illustrated in the banners). The background is a complex mix of ancient and modern buildings that make up inner city life. Halloween is marked by a silhouette black cat with flashing green eyes.