ooDECEMBER - Entertainment


We have reached the end of the year. In fact it is just a few minutes before midnight on the 31st December. The clock on the Tolbooth is about to ring in the new year. An old Glasgow toast is written below "Here's tae us, wha's like us - Damn few and they're a' deid". ( Here's to us, those who are like us, Not very many and they are all dead).

Below we see a riot of well loved Glasgow entertainers such as Francie and Josie as played by Jack Milroy and Ricki Fulton, Andy Stewart, Billy Connolly and Stanley Baxter (as a pantomime dame) to name but a few. This section was designed by the theatre illustrator June Chrisfield Chapman. The stars appear on the stage of Glasgow's King's Theatre and it makes a fitting end upon which to ring down the curtain on Keeping Glasgow in Stitches. There is after all an old joke from the days when Glasgow was a "mean city" which went...come to Glasgow for a laugh and go away in stitches!