The Shrine of Saint Mungo Glasgow Cathedral

  This project was the first completed to the design and under
  the direction of Malcolm Lochhead. Commissioned in 1971 by
  The Glasgow and West of Scotland Embroiderers' Guild for the
  communion table on the tomb of the patron saint of Glasgow,
  Kentigern or Mungo in the lower church of Glasgow Cathedral.

  The design is based on the rhyme concerning the miracles
  of Saint Mungo:

  Here is the bird that never flew
  Here is the tree that never grew
  Here is the bell that never rang
  Here is the fish that never swam

  The patchwork cloth uses fifty shades of silk dupion in patches
  ranging from half an inch by two inches to two inches square.
  The front of the cloth which faces west represents the warmth
  of the Church permeating the city and the world superimposed
  with a gold kid shape representing a tree (Mungo) a burning
  bush (Church of Scotland) or the cranes of the ship yards which
  made Glasgow great. The east face has a green passage
  representing the river Clyde and mounted over it is a silver bell
  and a fish to represent Saint Mungo's attributes. The furnishings
  are completed by a set of six kneelers in canvas work in wool
  and metallic gold using designs based on ships' rigging to
  suggest both the church and Glasgow's illustrious past.
  The embroideries were worked by fifty-four members of the guild
  and bring colour and richness to the austere gothic
  perpendicular interior.