The Great Hall, Stirling Castle. Cloth of Estate 1999
The illustration details the Cloth of Estate which took almost two years to make. The heraldic design was based on an illustration of King James lV at prayer in front of a altar bearing his arms. This is to be found in the Book of Hours of James lV and Margaret Tudor attributed to Simon Bening. The embroidery involves appliqué silk, traditional gold-work techniques and padded kid in grey, silver and gold. It is bejeweled with garnets and glass jewels. Members of Embroiderers' Guilds in Scotland were invited to "audition" to be the creators of the embroidery.
The Great Hall was opened and Her Majesty the Queen unveiled the Cloth of Estate on November 30th 1999.
Photographed at the unveiling are the team. Form left to right: Catriona Martin, Eileen Rumble, Katherine Murray, Liz Boulton, Malcolm Lochhead, Mary McCarron, Moira Whyte. Sadly, Sheena Macdonald was unable to be present.