Saint John's, Paisley
Golden Eagle (1984)
Streams of Living Water (1989)
Red is the colour of Saint John and the Eagle is his symbol as an evangelist. The fall was gifted by the women's group of the church to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. A Golden Eagle, to represent Saint John and the number fifty, flies adjacent to the sun made up of a yin-yang symbol, half of which makes up a paisley the unit in textile design of the Paisley Pattern which made the town famous.    

This white fall, which is part of the "waterworks" series, shows a cascade of water represented by three dimensional silver and white embroidery on silver and coloured nets. The water flows into a silver chalice to represent communion and also the poisoned chalice from which Saint John drank. The poison transformed into a snake and slithered away. This can be seen on the base line of the chalice.