The Bothwell 600 Banners 1998
Two banners were commissioned from Malcolm Lochhead by Bothwell Collegiate Church and South Lanarkshire Council to celebrate the church's 600th Anniversary.

They are created to resemble stained glass windows set against a plain stone wall. Hamilton Embroiderers' Guild created the felt stonework under the expert guidance of Jenny McKay, felt maker extraordinary.

The "stained glass" was created by primary schoolchildren aged from five to thirteen,

The banner on the right illustrates Saint Bride was created by younger children. It shows Saint Bride in an oak forest surrounded by birds and wild flowers, all of which are associated with her.

The other banner was made by older children and illustrates, at the bottom, coal mining and the history of Bothwell. The Battle of Bothwell Bridge, Bothwell Castle and Archibald the Grim, founder of the church are present. The top of the banner has shops and houses of today surmounted by the Collegiate Church itself.