ooAUGUST - Glasgow Style

A simple image at the top of this banner, is a visual joke. The Govan Ferry (Fairy) paddles in the river. This is an elderly Glasgow joke playing on the name of a ferry which plied across the river and a pantomime character. A small embroidery, on linen, of a Mackintosh Rose in the style of Jessie Newberry, celebrates the more traditional interpretation of the Glasgow Style

A crowd of Glasgow "types" queues for a bus. Many familiar citizens are illustrated by Lex McFadyen from "Aggie" in her apron (peenie) and slippers to "Senga" the over- dyed blonde in the white high heels determined to have a good time. They are bound together with a ribbon of dress labels from famous designers both local and international. The figures are three dimensional and are worked as overgrown stump work.